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感謝大家!PeaceBox 祝福大行動 2022 義購物資包己經圓滿結束!

「2022 PeaceBox 祝福大行動」
Donation of Gift Packs

透過你義購「PeaceBox 祝福大行動」物資包(每個只需港幣$100) ,就可以為一個有需要的基層街坊提供基本生活所需。

Donate in unit of HK$100 for the PeaceBox Campaign to give away 1 supplies pack to the needy people. 

「教會關懷貧窮網絡」作為「PeaceBox 祝福大行動」創辦機構之一,將為2021 年 「PeaceBox 祝福大行動」特設網上義購平台及捐款戶口,令 閣下的捐款轉化為不同的關懷物資包,貼合不同基層人士的需要。

The Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor Company Limited, one of the founding organisations of the Peace Box Campaign, set up online donation platform and account to help us preparing gift packs for beneficiaries.



Each gift pack is filled with love and blessings.


For details of donation, please click: 

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